The SIMS 3 Homeworld University

Custom Content


Custom Content Used:

Required Packages*

*Full List Forthcoming. You MUST install them into your “packages” folder for the world to work properly. Mod Framework required.

  1. NRAAS Careers Base Mod (Base game version 1.67)
  2. Custom University Life Rabbithole Doors(based on Jynx’s-created with permission.)
    Administration Center Rabbithole
    College of Business Rabbithole
    College of Fine Arts Rabbithole
    College of Science Rabbithole
    Field House Rabbithole (Stadium plus Annex multi-rabbithole.)

EA One Tile Wall Quoning (MTS)
Alternating Wall Quoning

Optional Packages:

    1. The University Professor Career (MTS) this is what the world is based on. Created by me, Taylorb1000.
    2. NRAAS Careers Base Mod (1.67)
    3. NRAAS Careers Tones Mod. Required for Professor Career to work. (Base game version 1.67)
    4. Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers Mod and my “Research Career” (See page 2).
    5. Tuning of Zerbu’s Careers Mod (See page 2.)

More information about Zerbu’s Mods’ compatibility with the Professor Career and Homeworld University is available on the second page.

Sims3Packs Used*

*These will come with the world automatically, so no need to download them. Unless you download the version of the world without CC installed, which I will release at a later date.

  1. Cazarupt’s Rabbitholes* *TBD
  2. Cyclonesue’s Castle Crenelations (minor)
  3. Mutske Tudor Windows & Doors
    • Mutske_Tudor_DoorGlass_1x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_DoorPrivat_1x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Counter_1x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Counter_2x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Counter3Windows_2x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Counter3Windows_3x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Tall_2x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Tall3Windows_2x1
    • Mutske_Tudor_Window_Tall3Windows_3x
  4. Fresh Prince’s Hunka 711 for Sims 3 (Featured in the  University Professor Career storyline)
  5. Gothic Wood and Gothic Wood Paneling custom patterns (from this site).
  6. Optional: Business as Usual Bistro (Industrial Oven) at The Sims 3 Store. you can replace one of the downtown condo buildings using the in-game World Editor with the Seafood Restaurant I created and that was featured in the BETA. I will provide a separate link to this lot so you can download it if you want. It just didn’t make sense to include store content in the final world release.

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